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piselli surgelati

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piselli surgelati- piselli surgelati-

piselli surgelati

Fruttagel//piselli surgelati

piselli surgelatiFruttagel - piselli surgelati

piselli surgelati

fagiolini surgelati

spinaci surgelati

minestrone surgelato

foglia su foglia surgelati

patate naturali surgelate

aromi surgelati

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Fruttagel//piselli surgelati

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Quality, environment and safety

Fruttagel believes that an internal organisation attentive to the changing needs of its customers, the health and safety of workers, environmental protection and product quality is a crucial requirement for commercial success.

Its Management has therefore decided to institute, implement and keep active an integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Standards.


  • To ensure compliance with legislative requirements applicable to the company's activities;
  • To prevent and reduce risks to the health and safety of workers;
  • To improve working activity and the workplace;
  • To optimise resources and make them efficient;
  • To optimise the company's environmental performance;
  • To ensure customer satisfaction.


  • To ensure the achievement and maintenance of the quality required by customers and the relevant regulations in force, also by using voluntary instruments, such as the adoption of BRC and IFS product standards, in order to protect its customers and the health and safety of consumers;
  • To do business whilst respecting individuals, employment, competition and the market, following the requirements of Social Responsibility indicated by the provisions and guidelines of its Customers, by the national laws in force applicable to its operational system, as well as through the tool of Fruttagel's Code of Ethics;
  • To do business whilst promoting any intervention aimed at raising awareness and involving personnel in achieving set targets;
  • To streamline and optimise the various business processes, both managerial and operational, in order to provide a product/service with a better quality/price ratio;
  • To promote continuous innovation of products and services for Customers;
  • To provide and maintain adequately transparent relationships with Customers in order to achieve their complete satisfaction;
  • To reduce energy consumption, improving the energy efficiency of industrial processes, also by making appropriate and specific investments in that sense;
  • To reduce Fruttagel's potential environmental impact on the territory through consequent technological and organisational choices;
  • To choose materials and technologies with a view to preventing, from the very design stage, risks to health and safety in the workplace;
  • To reduce occupational accidents and diseases affecting workers;
  • To work with civil society, local bodies, trade associations, supervisory authorities and with any other stakeholder, in order to achieve transparency in the company's choices in relation to prevention and protection of the health and safety of workers, as well as the environment;
  • To plan and implement production processes and activities with criteria able to prevent possible accidental events, to safeguard the health and safety of workers and the population, adopting, to that end, the best techniques available on the market;
  • To ensure, in addition, by way of planning periodic training and educational activities, the correct performance of working activities in protection of products, safety and the environment.

In order to oversee the Quality, Environment and Safety Management System and thus to allow for its review and improvement, the Company has formally appointed, as Management Representatives, respectively, for the Quality System, the Quality Assurance Manager and for the Environment and Safety System, the Environment and Safety Manager.

In order to oversee the implementation of the Code of Ethics, a specific Ethics Commission has been appointed.
Management will re-examine the Quality, Safety and Environment Management System at set intervals, in order continuously to ensure its adequacy and effectiveness in satisfying the requirements of the respective rules and standards, as well as the established policy and objectives for improvement.

Alfonsine, 24/03/2013

The President


Founded in 1994, Fruttagel is a cooperative union made up of farming and agro-industrial cooperatives and services from [...]


Alfonsine plant (Ravenna) Address Via Nullo Baldini, 26 48011 Alfonsine (Ravenna) Tel.: +39 0544-866511 Fax: + [...]

The Cooperative

The importance of the members Fruttagel brings together over 14 farms which, together with another 250 producers, prod [...]

The Cooperative

  Chairman Fabbrino Stanislao Giuseppe CEO Fabbrino Stanislao Giuseppe Boards of directors Pasini Pietro Alberti V [...]

Financial Statements

2017 Financial Year

Financial Statements
Quality, environment and safety

Fruttagel believes that an internal organisation attentive to the changing needs of its customers, the health and safety [...]

Quality, environment and safety

For Fruttagel the quality of its products is an absolute priority. Quality that begins with the choice of seeds, and co [...]


SUBJECT: information on the handling of personal data provided in accordance with articles 13 and 23 of Legislative Decr [...]

D.LGS. 231 - Ethical code

Cooperatives arise as an aggregation of men who want to put together their skills to be more effective in the markets in [...]

D.LGS. 231 - Ethical code
Press release

In this section of the site you will find all the articles published by national and international press dealing with is [...]

Press release

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