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piselli surgelati

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piselli surgelati

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piselli surgelatiFruttagel - piselli surgelati

piselli surgelati

fagiolini surgelati

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minestrone surgelato

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Frozen foods

All of our vegetables are cultivated during those periods naturally indicated for their optimum development, "as mother nature intended".
Not everybody knows that just a few hours pass between the picking of the vegetables and their freezing. This makes it possible to safeguard their natural and organoleptic properties.

Increasingly attentive to the nutritional and functional aspects of the products they consume, in recent years consumers have shown a greater inclination for frozen vegetables with the relevant market enjoying continuous growth, both in terms of domestic consumption and consumption outside the home (commercial catering and food services).
As well as supplying products in both these areas, Fruttagel also offers conventional vegetables, pesticide-free vegetables and organic vegetables.

Fruttagel transforms leaf products (spinach, chard, chicory, turnip tops), French beans, peas and Borlotti beans and all vegetables for traditional and rich side dishes, as well as mixes of vegetables for soups and ‘soffritto'.
The packaging department consists of 6 complete lines going right through to the automatic palletisation stage, with capacities that vary according to product and format, ranging from 50 gram packs of herbs, parsley and basil, through to 10 kilo packs of semi-finished products for other companies.

On average, over the course of a year around 40,000 tonnes of products are packaged.
The company has the most advanced technologies for transformation, product quality control, and product storage.


Our brands Distributor Brands For years Fruttagel has been a reference company for major retail brands that seek a pro [...]

Food services

Our brands Distributor brands For years Fruttagel has been a reference company for operators in the food service indus [...]

Food services

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Fruttagel - Frozen foods
Fruttagel - Frozen foods

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