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piselli surgelati

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piselli surgelati

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Eco-friendly packaging

Increasing attention of customers to environmental protection means that today, even in the choice of everyday food packaging, environmental characteristics play a key role: not only the quality of the food is considered, but also the environmental profile of the packaging that contains it. For this reason Fruttagel, careful to answer and anticipate the demands of the market, has decided to choose the most environmentally friendly packaging for its products.

Tetra Pak® for Beverages and Tomato products:
Tetra Pak® packaging consists predominantly of paper, a renewable raw material.
The paper used for the Tetra Pak® containers comes from cellulose mainly made from Scandinavian woods, which are handled according to strict ecological standards that include selective and non-indiscriminate cutting, planting of other trees in areas subject to cutting, compliance of local biodiversity.
The Tetra Pak® packs, thanks to their lightness and shape, allow great transport efficiency, reduce the CO2 emissions of vehicles and optimize the space on store shelves.
Additionally, once the product is consumed, Tetra Pak® containers can be recycled through separate collection. Cellulose fibers, which account for about 75% of the packaging, are recovered and made available for other paper based products. But not only: the polyethylene and aluminum fraction present in them to ensure greater product protection over time, once separated from cellulose, can be recycled and transformed into new plastic products. This will reduce landfill waste and the impact on climate change.

Compostable bags for frozen vegetables
The biodegradable and compostable packaging for frozen vegetables produced by Fruttagel is Ok Compost certified under UNI EN 13432: 2002 by the European organization Vincotte, which has certified the whole production line of the packaging from the grain producer to the printer of the packaging, to Fruttagel for the packaging phase.
After using the frozen product, the packaging is intended for disposal organic collection at home-level and collective composting at a collective level.
The environmental impact of this innovative choice is important because it is placed in the virtuous cycle of environmental sustainability that produces annually in Italy one million tonnes of compost obtained by differentiating the plant and replacing fertilizers and fertilizers used in agriculture, creating value and benefits for the environment (Source: CIC - Italian Composting Consortium).

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Eco-friendly packaging

Increasing attention of customers to environmental protection means that today, even in the choice of everyday food pack [...]

Eco-friendly packaging

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