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piselli surgelati

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piselli surgelati

Fruttagel//piselli surgelati

piselli surgelatiFruttagel - piselli surgelati

piselli surgelati

fagiolini surgelati

spinaci surgelati

minestrone surgelato

foglia su foglia surgelati

patate naturali surgelate

aromi surgelati

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Fruttagel//piselli surgelati

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Technology and environment

Fruttagel is committed to reducing the environmental impact not only of its own packaging, but also of food processing and packaging machines. Reduction in energy and water consumption, waste production and increased production efficiency are all parameters on which the company works to make it more and more productive and make its production processes more and more sustainable.
Fruttagel prepares each year to produce its "Environmental Report", one of the most significant accounts to describe the relationship between enterprise and the environment and the reflections that are produced for the main stakeholders affected by the cooperative's industrial activities (employees, consumers, local communities and conferring societies).
This is a "Corporate" Budget, which concerns both local units (Alfonsine and Larino) and puts
highlighting the environmental impacts of production sites as well as management, control and training choices that the company takes in order to orient itself towards a decrease in environmental costs (especially
in relation to the energy sector), an analysis of containment processes environmental impacts and, where possible, their reduction, rationalization of use of primary resources (especially regarding water supply), management of water purification and waste, packaging and waste production.

Methane consumption
The choice of methane gas as fuel combines high combustion efficiency with lower impacts associated with low emissions of the main atmospheric pollutants. Methane is used as fuel internally at thermal power generation plants thermal energy in the form of high pressure steam. The steam is then sent to the users for:
• cooking vegetables before freezing;
• pasteurization and sterilization processes for the production of fruit nectars and juices, tomato sauce and pulp and vegetable-based drinks;
• Grilling processes in vegetable grilling ovens.
For both plants, methane consumption trends are heavily dependent on vegetable harvesting campaigns and their subsequent transformation.
Containment of methane consumption in Alfonsine plant is attributable to targeted interventions
to the energy efficiency on the transformation lines.

Electricity consumption
In recent years, the trend in electricity consumption at Alfonsine plant has contracted, attributable to major energy efficiency measures implemented at the refrigeration groups and wards

The cogeneration plant
In 2016 and early 2017, Fruttagel produced a cogeneration plant with methane-fueled endothermic engines at the Alfonsine plant.
Cogeneration refers to the simultaneous production of electricity and thermal energy, using, in our case, methane endothermic engines.
Endothermic motors for producing mechanical energy, which will then be transformed into electricity, will heat up and need to be cooled.
This heat, which in the normal power plants is completely dissipated in the atmosphere, is recovered in the cogenerators for the production of hot water and steam through adequately designed heat recovery modules.
The implementation of the plant allows Fruttagel to:
Produce a significant percentage of the electricity needed to operate the plant
produce at the same time part of the steam required for the production cycles, so that even the boilers of the thermal power plant can work altogether less;
keep the office heat exchanger heating system deactivated, which will be heated by heat recovery from the cogenerator;
optimize the energy efficiency of the plant thanks to the combined production of electricity, hot water and steam.

The Water Balance
The use of water resources, such as electricity and methane, is heavily influenced by the seasonality of processing and is concentrated from May to October, where the contribution of fresh fruit and vegetables from the fields is at maximum intensity .
Fruttagel's production plant is by its nature very hydro-urgent. The water resource is therefore extremely important and for this purpose Fruttagel recovers, through dedicated plant, some clarified water out of the company's purification plant in order to rationalize the use of primary water. Moreover, the rationalization of water use is a key point in managing new production projects and changes to existing lines. Those waters, which are purified and subsequently filtered and sanitized, are reused for the washing of squares, machines and plants. Larino plant management is also carried out in accordance with procedures established in the Environmental Management System: Larino plant processes all production waste in the company's purifier and downloads the clarified in surface water.

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FRUTTAGEL Scpa is a beneficiary of a project approved for the PSR Emilia-Romagna 2014-2020 Operation Type 4.2.01.

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Fruttagel is committed to reducing the environmental impact not only of its own packaging, but also of food processing a [...]

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