Nectar, juices, fruit juices and teas

Our brands

We offer a wide range of nectars, 100% juices, fruit-based drinks and teas made from conventional raw materials under the Il Giardino dei Sapori brand.

We produce organic Italian fruit nectars in classic flavours, fruit drinks and cold teas under the Almaverde Bio brand.

Private Label

Innovation, Convenience, Quality

For the private labels of our clients, we produce:

  • nectars made from apricot, peach and pear, made with Italian fruit, both grown with the conventional method and with the organic method
  • fruit drinks, both conventionally and organically grown
  • 100% fruit juices obtained both from concentrate and from a mix of fruit purees and concentrates
  • teas in classic flavours and a decaffeinated version

To meet specific consumer targets and the needs of our customers, alongside traditional recipes we develop products that can meet the needs of end consumers who are increasingly attentive to their health and well-being, such as low-calorie and low-sugar drinks, enriched with vitamins, fibres, salts, minerals, and without added sugars.

Among the most innovative solutions, our Research and Development team develops functional drinks based on a mix of fruit, fruit and cereals, fruit and vegetables or fruit and spices.

Our nectars, fruit juices and drinks, and teas are available in the following packaging:

  • 200 ml glass bottle (single piece or 2 piece cluster, in 250 ml and 700 ml formats)
  • 200 ml carton, in 3 – 6 piece cluster
  • 750 ml carton with lid
  • 1000 ml carton with lid
  • 1500 ml carton with lid