Research and innovation

In our company there are two work teams dedicated to the interpretation of new market trends and to Research and Development projects: one reserved for the area of long-life products (nectar juices and fruit drinks, tomato derivatives and plant-based drinks) and the other for frozen vegetables. Both teams collaborate with nutritionists, researchers and universities, analyzing all the aspects related to the launch of a new product: from legislative indications to the supply of raw materials, also through the development of new supply chains.

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For us here at Fruttagel, quality means integrating the work of all those involved in the various phases of the agro-industrial chain – production, processing, distribution, preparation and consumption –, implementing operating procedures that guarantee the wholesomeness of food and systems capable of monitoring correct procedures.

Our qualification process begins with the selection of farming areas and then the selection of the best varieties of seeds. To monitor and guarantee quality, every year we carry out over 400,000 internal analyses and 1,300 external analyses of our products. For each of these, and for each customer, we perform different procedures, notably:

  • fruit (peach, apricot, apple and pear): monitored from receipt to final processing;
  • tomato: for organic cultivation, sampling involved 100% of the product during pre-harvesting; for the cultivation with integrated production the sampling percentage varies according to the customer’s specifications;
  • frozen vegetables: sampled at different vegetative stages or processing steps.

Our checks

Quality Assurance:
for the management of quality systems and processes in terms of health and hygiene safety and product healthiness.

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Chemical-Microbiological Laboratory:
for organoleptic, chemical-physical and microbiological analysis on the products during the different processing steps.

Plant Protection Products Laboratory:
for checking the conformity of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in relation to the presence of pesticide residues; fundamental for controls on organic supply chains.

Corporate sensory panel:
to ensure an objective assessment of the organoleptic characteristics of the products.

Our certifications


BRC-IFS FOOD – Global standard for food safety
MADE IN ITALY CERTIFICATE – Italian origin of processed agricultural raw material
INTEGRATED PRODUCTION CERTIFICATE – Agricultural raw material cultivated according to integrated production protocols
KOSHER – Frozen vegetables, tomato derivatives
Fair Trade – Fruit juices
OK COMPOST – Frozen film compostability certificate


UNI EN ISO 9001 – Quality management system
SMETA-SEDEX – Certifies absence of non-ethical behaviours and of child labour exploitation
ISO 45001 – Health and safety at work management system
ISO 14001 – Environmental management system