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Healthy eating

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Frozen Soups: Convenience and Quality First!

As the days get cooler, we often crave a nice soup or a delicate velouté to warm us up. However, we don't always have the time to buy fresh vegetables from the greengrocer or supermarket to make them at home. This is where frozen soups come to our rescue! Before you dive headfirst into purchasing, I want to clarify some points about the ingredients, nutritional values, and some great pairings to make them a complete dish. As a nutritionist, I care deeply about these aspects and I think they might interest you as well. How to Choose a Quality [...]

Frozen Vegetables, for a Healthy Meal Always at Hand

As a nutritionist, I know this well: one of the biggest challenges my patients face in sticking to their diets is the time needed to prepare meals. However, there is a simple solution: frozen vegetables. Always ready in the freezer and cookable in a few minutes, they make it easier to maintain a balanced diet even with a busy schedule. Since they are simply vegetables kept at low temperatures, you don't have to worry about preservatives or other added substances: just use them as you prefer in your recipes. In this article, I want to give you some useful [...]

The Secret to Healthy and Fast Cooking with Almaverde Bio Vegetables

Almaverde Bio frozen vegetables, free of added oil and salt, prove an indispensable ally in the kitchen when time for grocery shopping and meal preparation is limited. Their quality comes from the fact that they are harvested during the optimal growing season, such as broccoli in winter and asparagus in spring. This results in a higher content of protective compounds and lower pesticide residues than vegetables grown in greenhouses or from distant locations. The organic certification of Almaverde BIO vegetables is an added value, ensuring fewer pesticides, more antioxidants and, as a result, superior benefits for the body. Almaverde [...]

Why is breakfast important?

Since ancient times, breakfast has been part of man's eating habits, and has long been recognized as an important and essential meal. Consume a proper breakfast: reduces the consumption of unnecessary "snacks", and therefore allows you to better regulate the sense of hunger / satiety and energy intake. In other words, it promotes the maintenance of a correct body weight; improves the overall quality of the diet; improves both physical and mental performance. Breakfast in Italy Country you go to, customs you find ... this also applies to food choices, including the way of composing breakfast. In Italy, today the [...]

Proper nutrition: a question of gender?

We all know that there are differences between the nutritional needs of adults and children, but much less is said about the differences between males and females, at all ages. It is becoming clear that our diets are in fact "gendered", differing to better address the issues that may arise in a male or female body. Following puberty, the different hormonal structures involve many changes that lead to differences between males and females, also affecting nutritional needs. So, although the rules of good nutrition remain the same regardless of gender, some important factors must be considered when following a correct [...]

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