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Healthy eating

For a healthy life

Why is breakfast important?

Since ancient times, breakfast has been part of man's eating habits, and has long been recognized as an important and essential meal. Consume a proper breakfast: reduces the consumption of unnecessary "snacks", and therefore allows you to better regulate the sense of hunger / satiety and energy intake. In other words, it promotes the maintenance of a correct body weight; improves the overall quality of the diet; improves both physical and mental performance. Breakfast in Italy Country you go to, customs you find ... this also applies to food choices, including the way of composing breakfast. In Italy, today the [...]

Proper nutrition: a question of gender?

We all know that there are differences between the nutritional needs of adults and children, but much less is said about the differences between males and females, at all ages. It is becoming clear that our diets are in fact "gendered", differing to better address the issues that may arise in a male or female body. Following puberty, the different hormonal structures involve many changes that lead to differences between males and females, also affecting nutritional needs. So, although the rules of good nutrition remain the same regardless of gender, some important factors must be considered when following a correct [...]

Proper nutrition for athletes

Frequent, consistent physical activity, together with proper nutrition, is one of the cornerstones for staying healthy and reducing the risk of many diseases. But many wonder what the nutritional needs really are for those who practice physical activity, and whether they need to follow special diets. In this regard, the first thing to consider is the extent, in terms of intensity, frequency and duration, of the physical activity that is performed. If the athletic lifestyle in question is very intense, demanding long and intense daily workouts, it will be necessary to follow an appropriate diet. Not surprisingly, athletes often have [...]

Proper nutrition for the elderly

Along with ageing comes a physiological slowing down of the metabolic processes within the body. All this is inevitable and normal, as long as it is kept within certain limits. Having proper nutrition, along with a good lifestyle that includes, among other things, maintaining a good level of physical activity, is a cornerstone of disease prevention and healthy ageing. And as you age, there is a reduction in your energy requirements. This is not only linked to a reduction in physical activity but also to a decrease in the basal metabolic rate, in other words, the energy you burn when [...]

Proper nutrition for a child

Although good nutrition in children is based on the same rules as those in adults, it would be wrong to assume that a child is a miniature copy of an adult. There are different and proportionally greater needs as an individual grows up than for simply maintaining their bodily functions. Similarly, the body's nutritional requirements do not stay the same throughout all the phases of childhood and pre-adolescence; they change according to age and growth stage. One of the most important requirements, just like in adults, is water. The percentage of water content in the body is greater in children [...]

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