Tomato pulp and passata

Our brands

Our Il Giardino dei Sapori passatas are made from the best varieties of tomatoes grown in Emilia Romagna according to the scrupulous requirements of integrated production. The tomatoes, picked at the perfect state of ripeness and carefully selected, are carefully processed to obtain a creamy and delicate passata, perfect for all uses in the kitchen.

With the Almaverde Bio brand, we make Italian, 100% organic tomato pulp and passata.

Private Label

Innovation, Convenience, Quality

For the private labels of our clients, we offer a wide range of tomato-based products, obtained from Italian tomatoes grown in Emilia-Romagna, in areas adjacent to the Alfonsine plant, according to the best quality, organoleptic and environmental standards.

We offer tomato pulp and passata obtained both from raw material cultivated with an integrated method and from organic farming, available in the classic style, or enriched with aromatic herbs and spices, according to the specific needs of the customer.

Our tomato pulp is available in 340 gr or 690 gr glass bottles.

For the tomato passata, in addition to the 350 g and 700 g glass bottles, we plan to use the following forms of packaging:

  • 200 gr carton, in a 3 piece cluster
  • 200 gr carton, in a 3 piece cluster
  • 500 gr with or without lid
  • 1000 gr with lid

Our tomato pulp and passata sauces can also be packaged in the innovative Tetra Recart packaging, in the 390 gr and 500 gr versions.


Suitable formats for industrial clients

For our industrial customers we make tomato passata, pulp and double concentrate, made with raw materials of Italian origin, grown mainly in Emilia-Romagna, both from integrated production and from organic farming, in 200 kg packs.