Fruttagel was founded in 1994 with the purchase of premises in Alfonsine (Ra). It combines the legacies of two major operators in the field: Ala Frutta, a cooperative founded in the early 1960s and specialising in fresh fruit processing for the production of cremogenates and fruit juices in glass bottles, and Parmasole, a leader in tomato processing and a pioneer of cartoned juice production. Two years after its founding, the industrial cooperative Co.ind joined the Fruttagel company, and in 1998 the business expanded with the establishment of the Consorzio Fruttagel Molise to operate the plant in Larino (Cb), incorporated into Fruttagel in 2009 following the acquisition of the plant from the Molise Region.


Disposal of the PET department and expansion of the Tetra department; introduction of new steam generators and energy efficiency measures on plants and lines.

Completion of relamping, interventions in the frozen departments; interventions on the purifier; second line installation Brik Tetra Crystal 200 ml – Alfonsine

Installation of Tetra Crystal Brik Line 200 ml; interventions on the purifier to improve energy efficiency and overall management of the plant

2019: Work on the tuber/vegetable lines, adaptation of the thermal plant with the insertion of a new boiler equipped with an economiser to optimise the consumption of methane gas – Larino

Automation of the packaging line and minestrone line – Alfonsine. Acquisition of the management of the Environmental division of Almaverde Bio Italia. Relamping of the Alfonsine and Larino plants

Launch of a legumes and cereals extraction plant and plant-based drinks production from raw material of conventional and organic Italian origin – Alfonsine

Implementation of the 125 ml Tetra Prisma carton packaging line, and activation of a cogeneration plant for energy optimisation – Alfonsine

Activation of the Tetra Recart packaging line for tomato pulp and passata – Alfonsine

Installation of the water cutting line for leafy vegetables and the asparagus processing line – Larino

Launch of the packaging department for plant-based drinks made from semi-finished products purchased from leading European producers – Alfonsine

Construction of the purification plant – Alfonsine

Installation of the PET packaging line for juices, and investment in the Tetra Pak department of separation for 200 ml formats (Base and Prisma Square) – Alfonsine

Construction of robot cells for widely-consumed, long-life packaged products – Alfonsine

Construction of the robot cell at -25° c – Alfonsine

Expansion of the juice mixing plant, introduction of two glass packaging lines – Alfonsine. Installation of the tuber processing line – Larino

Establishment of Almaverde Bio Italia, a consortium company of which Fruttagel is a founding member, which brings together ten Italian agribusiness companies

Expansion of the plant and installation of the mixing line for minestroni in the frozen food department – Alfonsine

The cooperative

We are a Cooperative Society specialising in the industrial transformation of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and legumes into finished products for distribution to retail, food service, door to door and food industry operators.

Our business model integrates and enhances every stage of the production chain, from field to distribution, to guarantee the end consumer high-quality, authentic and safe foods that retain all the properties of the fresh products.

Our company brings together 12 agricultural cooperatives in Emilia-Romagna and Molise and other silent/financial partners. The agricultural cooperatives that supply the raw materials for processing encompass hundreds of growers.

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The production chain

The industrial transformation of fruit and vegetable products includes all upstream and downstream stages, from harvesting and services provided for farmers, to the logistics of the entire process and product marketing.

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To protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the food sector, we guarantee and document the traceability of our products at every stage of production, and carry out regular sampling on each type of processed fruit/vegetable.

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Our members and the integration of supply chains

Our associates are farmers’ cooperatives or land management cooperatives for whom Fruttagel is a partner that can complete the agro-industrial production chain and economically and strategically valorise their products and their work.

Our relationship with our members is geared to the increasing integration of crops, combining the development of traditional organic cultivation with production in line with the main market trends in Italy and abroad.

The agronomic service

Our Agronomic Service plays a strategic role throughout the cultivation process, from the purchase of seeds to varietal selection, from assistance in the application of production specifications to identifying the best times for sowing and harvesting.

Following careful research and selection of the best varieties of seeds, our Agronomic Service selects production areas on the basis of soil and climate, prioritising regions traditionally suited to the cultivation of high-quality vegetables, and differentiating areas in order to ensure quality crops even in adverse weather conditions.

Thanks to our two plants – Alfonsine and Larino – strategically located in the north and south of Italy, we source our supplies of fruit and vegetables in the very areas where they are grown.

The progress of crops is checked regularly and, having reached optimal ripeness, the fruits and vegetables are harvested and transported to our processing plants.


Institutional and organisational model

Our members fall into two different categories:

  • contributing  members in the form of farmers’ cooperatives or land management cooperatives, for whom Fruttagel is a partner that can complete the agro-industrial production chain and economically and strategically valorise their products, their businesses and their work;
  • non-contributing members in the form of cooperatives which, through Fruttagel, are able to structure their presence in the agri-food supply chain and offer consumers greater guarantees and protection.

Our aim is to create value for all players in the agro-industrial supply chain: members, farmers, customers and end consumers, thus increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of the chain with an expert presence at every stage.

Corporate structure

Investors and financial partners
Coopfond. S.p.a.
Co.ind Soc. Coop
Co.ind Immobiliare S.r.l.
Co.ind trading S.r.l.
Caffè premium S.r.l.
Parfinco S.r.l.

Board of Directors
Stanislao Fabbrino – Chair
Emilio Sabatini – Deputy Chair
Cristian Maretti – Deputy Chair
Ernesto Fornari
Tommaso Cattini
Tino Cesari
Luca Cioffi
Remo Magnani
Giovanni Giambi
Danilo Gherghi
Ibrahim Saadeh

Board of Statutory Auditors
Aristide Pincelli – Chair
Pierluigi Brandolini
Stefano Barbieri
Benedetta Piovan (suppl.)
Piertommaso Caldarelli (suppl.)

Corporate structure


Our aim is to create value for all players in the agro-industrial supply chain: members, farmers, customers and end consumers, thus increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of the chain with an expert presence at every stage.

The cornerstones of our mission:

  • to cultivate business, professional and human relationships based on responsibility, participation, respect and transparency
  • to consolidate the value of the company’s assets, operation and relations for current and future members and to foster cooperation
  • to innovate and improve services and professional expertise in order to increase efficiency and competitiveness
  • to adopt technologies and organisational systems that protect the health of consumers, workers and the environment, contributing to the social development of local communities
  • to demonstrate that even in highly complex industry conditions it is possible to do business with respect for people, their work, competition and the market.
Cooperative members
tonnes of fruit and vegetables processed per year, 32%⁠of which is organic
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Business areas
Production facilities
Alfonsine (Ravenna) – Number of employees 449
Larino (Campobasso) – Number of employees 173