Cream of peas with saffron and lemon gratin cuttlefish

Ingredients :

Ingredients for 4 people

For the cream:

400g of frozen very fine peas Almaverde Bio
1 shallot
500g of vegetal broth
1 saffron little bag

For the cuttlefishes:
12 cuttlefishes
40g of bread
30g of extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon of frozen garlic Sucor
1 teaspoon of frozen parsley Sucor
1/2 organic lemon rind

To serve:
extra virgin olive oil
Frozen parsley Sucor
Slices of lemon

Tips and variations :
Instead of cuttlefish, you can use cod, monkfish or salmon cubes. This dish can be prepared in advance and heated at the time of serving.
Course :
First course
With products :
Preparation :
Heat in a pan 2 spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and add the minced shallot, cooking it and add the peas. Some minute later add the hot vegetal broth. Cooking for 10 minutes, add the saffron and with an immersion blender make a cream.
Meanwhile shall prepare the cuttlefish. Turn on the oven at 180 ° C. In a blender put and mix the bread, garlic, parsley, lemon rind and oil . Wash and dry the cuttlefish, sprinkle with the breading and bake it in the oven for 10 minutes, switch into the grill function and let the cuttlefish brown for 4-5 minutes. Pour the cream of peas into the dishes, in the center put 3 gratinated cuttlefish, complete with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and Sucor parsley. Decorate with a slice of lemon and serve.
Recipe and photo made by Tiziana Many food bloggers and food photographer author of the blog "l'ombelico di Venere”

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