Filled pasta with vegetables soup with legumes, raisins, olives and boiled egg

Ingredients :

For pasta
250 g of whole wheat flour
140 g of water
20 g of extra virgin olive oil

For the filling
250g vegetables soup Sucor
35g raisins
2 boiled eggs
10g frozen onion sucor
5g frozen garlic sucor
red Chilli pepper
1/2 spoonful of cumin seeds
2 spoonful of extra virgin olive oil
1 egg yolk

Tips and variations :
Serve the empanadas with a sweet and sour sauce prepared by cooking some tomato sauce with a little of brown sugar, apple vinegar, garlic and parsley, adjusting doses according to your tastes, if you prefer you can also add hot pepper.
Course :
Second dish
With products :
Preparation :
First of all prepare the pasta: pour water and oil in the flour, and mix it until it forms a soft dough brick cover it with a dish for 60 minutes. Meanwhile in a pan, heat up a spoonful of oil and brown the frozen onion and garlic adding the vegetable soup, seasoning with red chilli pepper and season with salt. Cook it for 40/50 minutes adding water if necessary, at the end of cooking the mixture must be dry otherwise drain the water. Add the raisins, the chopped olives and the cumin seeds, season with two spoonful of oil. Boil two eggs and let them cool. Take back the dough and roll it in a thin disk, cut circles of dough of 10 cm diameter and place in the center 1 spoonful of vegetable mix and 1 piece of boiled egg, close and sealed the edges of pasta disk with a fork. Mix together the scraps of pasta and let it rest for about 15 minutes every time before rolling out again. Continue until you finish the ingredients. Brush the filled pasta with the egg yolk and bake it in a hot oven at 180 ° C for 15 minutes.
Recipe and photo made by Tiziana Many food bloggers and food photographer author of the blog "l'ombelico di Venere”

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