Vegan whole wheat cinnamon cupcakes with apple cream

Ingredients :

Ingredients for 8 cupcakes

For the dough:
170 g whole wheat flour
85 g of Il Giardino dei Sapori soy drink
35 g whole brown sugar
70 g apple cream*
35 g seed oil
20 g almonds
1 level tablespoon of cinnamon powder
1/2 sachet of baking powder
grated zest of 1 organic lemon

*For the apple cream
200 g of Almaverde Bio apple drink
30 g brown sugar
25 g cornstarch

To complete
1 red apple

Course :
With products :
Preparation :
First prepare the apple cream, mix the sugar with the cornstarch, pour the apple bevanada in a trickle while stirring with a whisk, transfer the cream to a small saucepan and let it cook over low heat while stirring all the time. When it starts to simmer, stir quickly, the cream will look shiny and smooth, remove from the heat and transfer the cream to a plate, cover with plastic wrap and let cool. For the dough, knead together all the ingredients except the almonds until it forms a smooth dough, the consistency should be thick. Grease and flour 8 muffin molds and fill them with the dough to 3/4 of the capacity. Wet the back of a teaspoon and create a hole in the center, forming a border of dough around the entire circumference, pour a level spoonful of the chopped almonds and apple cream; set aside a couple of tablespoons of the cream. Cut the apple into very thin slices and decorate the cupcakes, bake for 25 minutes at 170°C, do a toothpick test on the edge of the cupcakes. Remove from oven and let cool before unmolding, glaze with remaining apple cream. Store in refrigerator, allow 30 minutes at room temperature before serving.
Recipe and photo made by Tiziana Monti food bloggers and food photographer author of the blog "l'ombelico di Venere”

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