Whole wrap with grilled salmon and ricotta cheese courgette

Ingredients :

Ingredients for 4 people

For the dough
180g of wholemeal flour
90g of water
50g of Greek white yogurt
a pinch of baking soda
fine salt

For the filling
200g of zucchini Sucor
200g of light ricotta cheese
100g of smoked salmon

Tips and variations :
You can also use fresh salmon cooked in a pan or other smoked fish such as swordfish or tuna. Enrich the dish with raw spinach or rocket herbs. The white yogurt makes the dough softer, if you do not want to use it replace it with other water.
Course :
Second dish
With products :
Preparation :
First prepare the dough, work the flour with water and yogurt until it forms a very soft batter, form a ball and place it under a bowl for about an hour. Divide dough into 4 parts and make a very thin disk sprinkling with flour if necessary. Heat a pan and cook the circles of dough for few minutes for each side, keeping the flame low. Roll them until they are hot so they take the shape. Meanwhile , heat another pan and put inside courgettes, cook them on both sides. Spread the ricotta on the dough wrap, put the salmon and zucchini and rolled up. Serve immediately.
Recipe and photo made by Tiziana Many food bloggers and food photographer author of the blog "l'ombelico di Venere”

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