Chard, rice and borlotti beans soup

Ingredients :

Ingredients for 4 people

300g of chard Sucor
200g of brown rice
180g of celeriac
120g of dried borlotti beans
1 leek

Tips and variations :
You can replace the borlotti beans with other beans, enrich the soup with Jerusalem artichoke and/or pumpkin cubes.
Course :
First course
With products :
Preparation :
Soak Borlotti beans for 8 hours. Clean and peel celeriac and cut into cubes, weigh the necessary amount. Clean and remove the outer leaves of the leeks, and cut into thin slices. In a large pan put the leek, celeriac and frozen herbs. Add some water and put in the beans. Season with salt and continue cooking for about 60 minutes and include the rice, finish cooking for about 30 minutes or until the rice is cooked, serve immediately.
Recipe and photo made by Tiziana Many food bloggers and food photographer author of the blog "l'ombelico di Venere”

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