Fruttagel proposes two fresh product innovations that enrich the Almaverde Bio organic frozen vegetables range: Asparagus Tips and Champignon Mushrooms in 300 g packs. These new products complement the already (rich) existing offer of Almaverde Bio frozen vegetables dedicated to the final consumer, from the most traditional (Minestrone Vegetables soup, Extra Fine Green Beans, Extra Fine Peas, Spinach leaf on leaf) to the latest launches made by Fruttagel in the autumn 2018 (Broccoli florets , Cauliflower florets, and our Vegetable mixes: Tris Julienne, Fantasia dell’Orto).

Almaverde Bio organic vegetables, strictly of Italian origin, are ideal for consumers looking for taste, practicality and safety offered by organic food.

The compostable packaging adds a further plus to these products: made of biodegradable material and disposable directly in the organic waste, the Almaverde Bio frozen food packages are Ok Compostcertified in accordance with the UNI EN 13432: 2002 standard by Tüv Austria, confirming the great attention at the environment and sustainability that has always distinguished Almaverde Bio brand products.