Fruttagel introduces two important novelties: the new Almaverde Bio organic tomato pulp and sauce in 390g Tetra Recart®format.

In line with the most recent research on organic consumers, which has seen the origin of the national product given ever greater importance and the sustainability of the packaging more and more value, Fruttagel proposes Almaverde Bio tomato products from strictly Italian Origin of raw materials, packaged in Tetra Recart®, a container 69% of which is made from renewable raw materials such as paper and wood fibres obtained from FSC Foreste Certified for sustainable management.

A container that offers advantages not only from an environmental point of view but also for consumers and producers, as it is unbreakablelightcompact once thrown into the bin, easy to open without scissors and easy to store in the pantry, thanks to its rectangular shape.

Packing 1 kg of pulp in Tetra Recart® has less 5 times CO2 emissions impacts than glass or cans (Source: IFEU 2017).

A new Almaverde Bio offers a product in which values of nature and organic are already highlighted in the choice of packaging and this is certainly an important message for consumers increasingly attentive and aware.